Innovation Lions

The Innovation Lions honour ground-breaking innovation, technology and problem solving.

Standalone technological solutions including tools, products, models, platforms and other forms of ad tech will also be recognised, as well as creative campaigns utilising new tech. Technology entered must be at least at prototype/pre-production stage. Pre-development ideas/concepts are not eligible. Entrants must be in a position to fully demonstrate the technology.

Innovation Lions Sections

  • A. Innovation

    • A01 Innovative Technology

      Standalone, technological solutions not in association with a brand or creative campaign. The definition of ‘Innovation’ for the purpose of this section is non-brand-aligned, breakthrough technology or solutions that advance, enrich or improve. The Innovative Technology category will also recognise, but is not limited to, data-led technologies, innovative platforms, tools, models, programmes, hardware, software, bespoke products and solutions.

    • A02 Applied Innovation

      Innovative solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign. The definition of ‘Innovation’ for the purpose of this category is brand-aligned, breakthrough and revolutionary ideas, and forward-thinking methods that are rooted in finding solutions to brand problems. Typical entries may be concerned with, but not limited to, innovations that have helped solve a business issue for a brand or have been produced/developed in order to propel a brand forward.

    • A03 Scalable Innovation New!

      Entries into this category will focus on the scaling out of an innovation or creative campaign enhanced by new tech or forward-thinking ideas. Entries must outline how the innovation has moved beyond its original objectives and goals to reach new heights.

      You may have entered Innovation Lions in previous years but must show a marked improvement in your innovation since your previous submission.
    • A04 Early Stage Technology

      Entries into this category are still in the testing, prototype and beta stages of their creation. They may still be attracting funding or only operating at a fraction of their projected scale. Entries must still be demonstrable at presentation stage. Concepts alone will not be permitted.

    • A05 Business Transformation

      Innovative solutions to business challenges. Entries will need to demonstrate a comprehensive change in business process or structure through technological and/or strategic transformation. The jury will reward scalable solutions that have a tangible impact on the business model, culture, customer/employee experience, driving measurable growth and transforming how the business operates.

    • A06 Product Innovation New!

      Products created and developed in response to a business or consumer challenge. Typical entries may be concerned with but are not limited to, solutions driven products, social impact, consumer experience, integration of technology into daily life and sustainability. Entrants must be in the position to demonstrate the product at presentation stage. Concepts are not permitted.

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The Innovations Lions President's Message

Bill Yom President

Global Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide, Global

"We all want to create outstanding ideas. Over the past decade in this industry, we are experiencing a new shift of how ideas can be created and executed for the brands we are working for. That said, Innovation is more than just having a 'great' idea. It is about an idea that crosses borders. Saying that we have to change the way we used to work. Breaking up the given structure and process of creating innovative ideas, because our daily thinking process has changed a lot. We grew up and are still growing up with technology assets, which gives us creatives an opportunity.

In our every day Agency-Life, we are challenged to distinguish a great idea from an innovative idea. An innovative idea that has a long breat, in order to create an impact for all humans or a part of society. Ideas with real opportunities to create new tangible and scaleable businesses by using our asset: CREATIVITY."

The Innovation Lions Jury

Bill Yom Jury President

Global Creative Director
Cheil Worldwide

Bill Yom is the most German Guy working at Cheil HQ. He was born and raised with Korean roots in Hamburg, Germany. There he started his career, decades ago, at Springer & Jacoby in Hamburg. Ever since, he’s been passionate to create outstanding work for his clients Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nike, Coca Cola, Samsung and many more. His main goal is to keep and defend the passion for relevant creativity, by sharing its success with his clients and teams. As the day came to move to South Korea, he was ready to experience the fast pace of Seoul and its many innovative opportunities. That said, he created his favorite Case “DOT. The first ever Braille Smartwatch” with his team, which won numerous international awards and while showing that creativity has the power to change people’s lives for good. Bill is now a proud member of Cheil Worldwide, where he is working on Samsung International Campaigns as a Global Creative Director. His goal is to inspire his team everyday.
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Dillah Zakbah

Technology & Innovation Director
United States


Elspeth Lynn

Executive Creative Director
Geometry Global,
United Kingdom


Eran Gefen

Gefen Team


Francisco Samper

Mullenlowe SSP3


Kaitlyn WonJung Chang

Chief Operations Officer
Kobza and the Hungry Eyes / KTHE


Marcelo Tripoli

Vice President Digital Marketing & Expert Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company


Mathias Wikström

Creative Strategy/Head of Innovation
RBK Communication


Pete Blackshaw



Zélia Sakhi

Chief Experience Officer


Past winners of the Innovation Lions

My Line

2018 · MullenLowe SSP3 for Ministry of Communications & Technology


In the last years, the Government of Colombia, through the Ministry Of Communication and Technology, achieved the largest penetration of Internet in the history of the country.Regardless of all the efforts that have been made, many people in different regions are still having no access to Internet or Smartphones, due their remote geographical location.How can we get all those people closer to all the information they’re missing?

Love The Work