Celebrating International Women's Day with Glass Lion winners

International Women's Day took place on March 8. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. To celebrate this year's event, we've picked out five pieces of work that have won a Glass Lion: The Lion for Change. Each has demonstrated ideas intended to change the world; that is, work which sets out to positively impact ingrained gender inequality, imbalance or injustice.
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The Glass Lion Grand Prix winner from 2018

#Bloodnormal for Essity by AMVBBDO

We live in a world that silences and shames women for having periods. Culture is awash with imagery of blood, in medical, crime and horror films and live sports. Yet periods are either absent or ridiculed if it is shown. Bloodnormal wanted to challenge this stigma and show that periods are normal and beautiful. And without shame. But it is easier said than done, broadcasting authorities still police the showing of period blood, often ruling its depiction can cause offence. But to end a taboo you must break it.

This campaign won a Gold Lion in 2018

Sindoor Khela - No Conditions Apply for The Times Of India by FCB India

Historically, India has been a deeply religious society. In a Hindu majority country, religious sentiments are often cited as reasons for depriving women of their rights. With the ruling government now identifying as conservative Hindus, the Godmen of India are more emboldened than ever before. In this socio-political climate, it is imperative for a newspaper that stands for positive change, to do something. This campaign brought back the fundamental truth, that we’re stronger when we stand together. A growing sisterhood of women is capable of demanding and claiming equality from any of our Gods or Godmen.

Touch the Pickle was the first ever Grand Prix winner in the Glass Lions in 2015

Touch the Pickle for P&G India by BBDO India

While sanitary pad advertising portray images of the emancipated young woman leading active lives in spite of their periods, the reality for young women in India is very different. Deep rooted period taboos passed down through generations feed a culture of shame. It is propagated by elders in the family who lay strict restrictions on what menstruating women can’t do, like not entering the kitchen, not attending social events, and even not touching pickles for fear it will rot with their mere touch. In challenging the culture of shame propagated by archaic period taboos, Whisper not only found a deeper relevance but also impacted the lives of millions of young women.

The Worst Soap Opera won a Glass Lion in 2018

The Worst Soap Opera for UNICEF by Pagés BBDO

In the Dominican Republic, 37% of women get married before turning 18, and 12% before their 15th birthday. To make matters worse, the law actually allows this but a big part of the country is blind to this reality. UNICEF asked for our help to make this a matter of national interest and demand action from the government to change the law.

This campaign was shortlisted for the Glass Lion in 2017

Writing Our Rights: The Empowerment Workbook for Ignite by Pereira & O'Dell

Women make up 51% of the population but only hold 22% of the elective office. Ignite, an organisation dedicated to getting young women involved in politics, aimed to change this number by inspiring girls to become the next generation of political leaders. With a budget of $30,000, they created 300 workbooks that contain a lesson in empowerment within their handwriting practices. Every book sold gave them the ability to print another three, while free downloads made the book widely available to those who couldn’t wait to start learning.

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