Creative Business Transformation Lions

New award for Cannes Lions 2020.
The Juries

The Creative Business Transformation Lions celebrate the creativity that drives businesses forward. Celebrating transformative approaches to operations, the use of technology, business design and how those customers experience the brand through products, services or ventures.

Entries to this Lion should demonstrate how fundamental changes to core business functions have delivered business impact, created better customer outcomes and driven sustainable long-term growth.

Why now?

The digital disruption has fundamentally affected the way businesses operate, often in a creatively-fuelled way, and it is this work that we aim to celebrate with this new Lion.

Brands are built through customer experience. There is more focus than ever on creating meaningful experiences for citizens, employees, patients and customers in all sectors and parts of the world.

Who is it for?

Successful creative business transformation is at the intersection of experience, purpose and innovation; there is strong demand for a new breed of creative work, combining equal parts business consultancy, creativity agency and technology powerhouse to help brands realise their transformation ambitions in today’s experience-led economy.

Creative Business Transformation Lions is open to any company who works in the creative business transformation space and the brands who work with them. Including companies or in-house teams that work in consultancy, experience design, creative innovation, technology and digital transformation.

What kind of work is eligible in Creative Business Transformation Lions?

Transformative solutions that have fundamentally changed core business functions for a brand/business. Including transformation of customer-facing functions, reinvention of internal business design and operations, creation or reinvention of new products or services and the introduction and impact of venture models.

Full information including categories for Cannes Lions Awards for 2020 will be announced in the coming weeks.

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