The Communication Track

Just announced

1 Nov 2018: First 15 speakers for Cannes Lions 2019 confirmed

People, process and next-gen business models

Communication is where we see the creative idea in action. It’s where campaigns come to brilliant life through people, partnerships and processes.

Explore the reality of executing a wonderful creative idea. Delve in to the detail of client/agency relationships. Explore some of the new operating structures and disruption happening behind the scenes.

What you'll learn

  • Collaboration and creative partnerships

    What works, what doesn’t? How can you improve collaboration and build better relationships?
  • The difference between good and great

    Industry leaders and Lion-winners discuss the secrets of game-changing campaigns
  • The behind-the-scenes stories of effective campaigns

    With real-life examples from brands that achieved both creative excellence and huge ROI
  • The future of branded communications

    How changes in society, politics, culture and technology will impact communications

Who is it for?

Communication is where you rediscover the power of the big idea. If you're in the business of creativity, this is for you.

What happens when the data and strategy teams have done their work and it's time to execute the idea? Join thousands of global experts and find out.

"Following the rules is not the way to change. You need to work with the misbehaved, the trouble makers, the people who aren't satisfied with the status quo. That's why you come to Cannes Lions."

Per Pedersen
Global Creative Chairman at Grey

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