The Experience Track

Just announced

1 Nov 2018: First 15 speakers for Cannes Lions 2019 confirmed

How experiences engage and compel

Explore captivating and transformative experiences that act as powerful brand currency. How can you captivate audiences at every touchpoint?

Learn how to create personalised, engaging value for consumers across all channels.

Experience will leave you inspired and enthralled by the potential of branded communications.

What you'll learn

  • Captivating connections

    The secrets behind emotional and connected consumer experiences
  • Transformative experiences

    How do you convert the one-time “oh wow!” moment into brand affinity?
  • Measurement methods

    What is the impact and potential of experience?
  • Blurring boundaries

    Who are the pioneers of the new customer journey philosophy? How do they reap the benefits?

Who is it for?

Everyone loves a "wow" moment! But how do you deliver beyond that? World-class experience and industry experts explain how.

Experience is for customer experience fanatics and those interested in multi-channel insight, design and transformation.

"There's a universal human need to belong and this is an untapped business opportunity that we can explore in detail."

Nancy Kramer
Chief Evangelist, IBM iX

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