The Innovation Track

Just announced

1 Nov 2018: First 15 speakers for Cannes Lions 2019 confirmed

Transformative tech-driven creativity

Delve deep into data-driven, tech-enabled creativity that transforms marketing communications.

Speakers share ideas and predictions about game-changing technologies. From AI to VR and everything between, how will we use these technologies, and what impact might they have?

New data-driven, tech-enabled creativity is re-shaping marketing communications and the world.

What you'll learn

  • Cultures of innovation

    Proving the connections between culture, innovation, creativity and business performance
  • Fresh from the lab

    Future-shaping technologies and products we need to know about
  • Practical inspiration

    From brands applying innovation in business, the most effective models in use today
  • Successes and failures

    Bold experiments and game-changing creative applications of data and technology

Who is it for?

Invention, disruption and transformation: Innovation covers everything there is to know.

Learn directly from the people who change the world every day through:

  • culture
  • partnerships
  • strategies and practices
  • product
  • creativity-enhancing data and technologies

"The story here is about humans and machines collaborating for something much larger. The enhancement of humanity...there's never been a better time to be a creative."

Alicia Hatch
Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Digital

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