The Reach Track

Just announced

1 Nov 2018: First 15 speakers for Cannes Lions 2019 confirmed

Behind the big idea: insight, strategy and planning

Meet the world’s most brilliant thinkers and do-ers; the people who change the way we think about our audiences.

Insight, strategy and planning from brands that powefully reach consumers, at scale, in the ongoing war for attention. Understand why powerful communication relies on an intelligent and incisive customer strategy.

What you'll learn

  • Personalisation and targeting

    Discover the secrets of speaking to individuals at scale
  • Turning reach into engagement

    Master the science of opens, clicks, comments, likes and shares
  • Decoding data for measurement and insight

    Hear from expert data choreographers and make sense of metrics
  • Building community advocacy through insight

    Discover how insights that build well-curated communities provide the heavy-lifting for brand communications

Who is it for?

Uncover the research, strategy and planning that lets brands engage consumers effectively from insight to eyeballs.

Essential for anyone interested in establishing and growing audiences. Valuable whether you’re working across paid, owned or earned media.

"Owning the relationship with the customer is the only way to build a brand today. Customers need to be stakeholders."

Henry Davis
President and COO, Glossier

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