Mobile Lions

The Mobile Lions celebrate device-driven creativity.

Entries will need to demonstrate performance in portable platforms. That is, work where a hand-held or wearable environment is integral to the idea and enables key aspects of the execution. Criteria considered during judging includes: idea, execution, platform relevance, impact and results.

A. Technology

B. Mobile Websites

C. Social

D. Apps & Games

E. Excellence in Mobile

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Mobile Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Ari Weiss President

Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide

Ari Weiss joined DDB as CCO of North America in February of 2017. Together with CEO Wendy Clark, the two have been focused on what they’re calling the “resurgence of an icon.” A mission to return DDB to its rightful position as the world’s most creatively effective network. In less than a year, Weiss helped secure DDB a spot on AdAge’s coveted A-List for the first time in over 20 years. In 2017, Weiss was also named to Crain's 40 under 40, Adweek's Creative 100 and the 4A’s 100 People Who Make Advertising Great.

In 2018, DDB rose to the third most creatively awarded network in Cannes helping Omnicom secure the holding company of the year honor for the first time in the festival’s history. Since joining DDB, Weiss has added 24 Cannes Lions to his accomplishments including the Integrated Grand Prix which he won in 2016 for Netflix.

Past winners of the Mobile Lions

Corruption Detector

2018 · Grey Brazil for Reclame Aqui


Based on facial recognition, Corruption Detector is a free APP that draws on a comprehensive database with all the official records of corruption, previously hidden in hundreds of courts across Brazil. By simply pointing a phone at a candidate, voters can now spot the corrupt ones in purple, no matter where they are: TV, papers, internet, outdoors and even in person. All data organized by the app is available for reference at any time. And on election day, users will receive an important notification: a reminder not to vote for a corrupt politician.


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