Print & Publishing Lions

The Print & Publishing Lions celebrate creativity in circulation.

Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that leap off the page. That is, work that exhibits ingenuity and outstanding craftsmanship in published media. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the idea and the execution.

Print & Publishing Lions Category Sections

  • A. Print & Publishing: Sectors

    The same entry can be submitted only once in this section.

    • A01 Food & Drink

      All food and drinks.

    • A02 Other FMCG

      Beauty, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG.

    • A03 Healthcare

      Pharma, OTC drugs, wellness.

    • A04 Consumer Durables

      Technology, homewares, furniture and lighting, toys, fashion, home appliances, other durables.

    • A05 Automotive

      Vehicles, other automotive.

    • A06 Retail

      Retail, eCommerce, restaurants, fast food.

    • A07 Travel

      Travel, tourism, transport.

    • A08 Leisure

      Live events, museums & galleries, gambling, sports, gaming, other recreation.

    • A09 Media / Entertainment

      Music, film, television, publications & media, books, news, digital platforms, other media.

    • A10 Consumer Services / Business to Business

      Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate comms.

    • A11 Not-for-profit / Charity / Government

      Government, public information, other not-for-profit, military, charities, non-profit.

    • A12 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image

      Non-product based social responsibility campaigns aimed to address social, ethical and environmental issues. Corporate Image campaigns including event sponsorship to build the image/ raise the profile/ shape the perceptions of a brand.

  • B. Publications

    The creation of original printed or published media, including books, magazines, covers and digital publications. The same entry may be submitted more than once in this section. At the point of entry, please specify whether the entire publication or the cover only is being submitted.

    • B01 Commercial Publications

      Books and magazines created for commercial or promotional purposes, to increase brand visibility or profile.

    • B02 Publications for Charity / Not-for-Profit

      Books and magazines created on behalf of charities, non-profit organisations, public sectors or NGOs.

  • C. Innovation in Print & Publishing

    Innovative use of the print & publishing mediums to communicate a brand’s message. Creativity that enhances and reinvigorates the consumer's’ experience.

    • C01 Adapted Print & Publishing

      Print ads which have been modified or adapted to have physically active elements.

    • C02 Innovative Use of Print & Publishing

      For non-traditional and innovative print ads. This may include print ads with digital and interactive elements including downloadable applications, QR codes, augmented reality and NFC. Print ads which have used the medium they are featured in in an innovative way.

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The Print & Publishing Lions President's Message


Olivier Altmann President

CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Altmann + Pacreau

"Print & Publishing is probably the most demanding category because it is the medium where you can judge the best writers and the best artistic directors. It is an exercise where, as in all categories, the idea must prevail. But things don’t stop there. Then begins the real work of craftsman.

The editor, like a journalist or author, must master the art of words. A strong and catchy title. And if the idea requires it, he must know then interest the reader with a more developed text, make him want to read instead of turning the page.

For the artistic director it is also an opportunity to demonstrate all his know-how because the art of layout is decisive. How to have the maximum impact, to be relevant in structuring meaning? How to make the human eye look beautiful and challenging?

Unfortunately this art of crafting is lost and not available to all. You need something that is acquired over the years and from the best.

It takes 50 people to make a good movie. But you just need paper and a pencil and two talents to make a great print. And there we cannot cheat.

The print is probably the oldest form of advertising and you could think that in the digital age is a category of the past. Traditional as some would say. It is not so.

Because in a world where fake news dominates, in a world where video is consumed at lightning speed, print and publishing are part of a time when one takes one's time. A moment when we search for meaning, analysis and verified information. And this expectation is bigger and bigger.

Who has never snatched an article from a newspaper or an advertisement that interests him to put aside? As we say in French 'the words fly away, the writings remain'. And this year in Cannes our jury will have the opportunity to reward the advertisements that will remain in our memories for years to come."

The Print & Publishing Lions Jury

Olivier Altmann Jury President

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Altmann + Pacreau

Olivier Altmann is the co-Founder of the independant agency ALTMANN+PACREAU. He started his career in 1987 as a copywriter. In 1998, Olivier co-founded BDDP & Fils that was ranked the 6th best agency in the world by the Gunn Report. He then joined Publicis Group in 2004 as Worldwide Chief Creative Officer. Under his leadership, Publicis Worldwide was rated the 2nd best network in Europe, the Gunn Report ranked Publicis Conseil N°1 advertising agency in France, and Olivier as the 4th best Chief Creative Officer in the world. Mid 2014, Olivier Altmann launched his own agency with Edouard Pacreau: ALTMANN+PACREAU. In 2016, ALTMANN+PACREAU was voted Young Agency of the Year and won the French outdoor Grand Prix. Olivier has won numerous awards including Cannes Lions, Clio's, One Show, Eurobest Grand Prix, D&AD...He chaired the Cannes Lions jury in 2011 and was the President of the French Art Directors Club. Since 2015, Olivier is the President of the French advertising delegation. According to Shots, Olivier is one of the 15 most influential Creative Leaders.
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Ana Balarin

Partner & Executive Creative Director
United Kingdom


Elena Garcia

Creative Director


Fouad Abdel Malak

Executive Creative Director
United Arab Emirates


Hannah Smit

Creative Director
Wieden + Kennedy
The Netherlands


Hernan Kritzer

Chief Creative Officer


Mieke Haase

Managing Director Creation & Partner


Monique Lopes Lima

Director of Special Projects


Neo Mashigo

Chief Creative Officer
M&C Saatchi Abel
South Africa


Suzanne Donaldson

Senior Director Creative Production
United States


Past winners of the Print & Publishing Lions


2018 · AFRICA for AB InBev


Rumor has it that a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are treasures that represent the brand’s legacy on music. But, although they are part of Budweiser’s history, the brand cannot show them. Budweiser never asked or payed for these pictures, and that’s the beauty of it. We wanted to keep it this way. So, instead of promoting them, we decided to simply give people the directions to find each of these pictures by themselves, in their natural habitat: Google.

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