Radio & Audio Lions

The Radio & Audio Lions celebrate creativity for the airwaves and audio content.

Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that are wired for sound; that is, work that communicates a brand message through audio excellence, sonic innovation or superior aural storytelling. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the idea and the execution.

Radio & Audio Lions Category Sections

  • A. Radio & Audio: Sectors

    The same entry can be submitted only once in this section.

    • A01 Food & Drink

      All food and drinks.

    • A02 Other FMCG

      Beauty, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG.

    • A03 Healthcare

      Pharma, OTC drugs, wellness.

    • A04 Consumer Durables

      Technology, homewares, furniture and lighting, toys, fashion, home appliances, other durables.

    • A05 Automotive

      Vehicles, other automotive.

    • A06 Retail

      Retail, eCommerce, restaurants, fast food.

    • A07 Travel

      Travel, tourism, transport.

    • A08 Leisure

      Live events, museums & galleries, gambling, sports, gaming, other recreation.

    • A09 Media / Entertainment

      Music, film, television, publications & media, books, news, digital platforms, other media.

    • A10 Consumer Services / Business to Business

      Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate comms.

    • A11 Not-for-profit / Charity / Government

      Government, public information, other not-for-profit, military, charities, non-profit.

    • A12 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image

      Non-product based social responsibility campaigns aimed to address social, ethical and environmental issues. Corporate Image campaigns including event sponsorship to build the image/ raise the profile/ shape the perceptions of a brand.

  • B. Excellence in Radio & Audio

    • B01 Use of Music

      Including original composition, licensed recordings or adapted/altered versions of an existing recording.

    • B02 Sound Design

      The process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements, including sound effects, location recordings, ‘atmos’, etc.

    • B03 Script

      Recognises the ability of script to creatively transform a brand idea or message into an audio context that enhances the experience of the listener and meets the confines of the brief and regional regulations. Scripts should be specific to the Radio medium (e.g. not a TV script).

    • B04 Casting & Performance

      Recognises the overall delivery of the script through performance, where voice performance is integral to the success of the spot. This could include tone and pacing, use of accents or impersonation etc.

  • C. Innovation in Radio & Audio

    Innovative use of the Radio or Audio medium to communicate a brand’s message. Work that enhances and reinvigorates the consumers’ experience by allowing them to engage with and respond to the Radio or Audio content.

    • C01 Use of Radio or Audio as a Medium

      Recognises the innovative or creative use of radio or audio as a medium in a campaign. Entries in this category should demonstrate how the radio medium itself was used in a creative and innovative way to communicate the brand’s message.

    • C02 Use of Audio Technology / Voice -Activation

      Recognises forward thinking ideas, whose creative use has directly enhanced the experience of the listener. The technology demonstrated should be specifically for the use of radio. This may include use of apps or mobile/web technology, software development, and technology that demonstrates a development in the production process and distribution of audio.

    • C03 Branded Content / Podcasts New!

      Paid-for, sponsored or brand funded content/programming on all audio platforms including radio stations, streaming platforms, podcasts or programme sponsorship. The content should exemplify the brand message/ethos, as well as enhance the experience of the listener.

    • C04 Native Advertising New!

      The contextually relevant creation and placement of sponsored messaging within appropriate programming.

    • C05 Campaign Led by Audio New!

      Campaigns with multiple elements or channels that are predominantly audio driven. Entrants will be judged on the innovative integration of the chosen elements or channels throughout the campaign, and must demonstrate how well the different types complement and build on each other to communicate the brand’s message and/or change consumer awareness and attitudes.

    • C06 Promotional Content for Publishers & Networks New!

      Original audio content/programming created to promote a media company, network, broadcaster or publisher. Entries will be judged not just on the content, but how it influenced audience perception, drove engagement, and communicated or evolved the identity of the publisher.

  • D. Culture & Context

    • D01 Local Brand New!

      Campaigns for brands distributed in a single locality or market which resonated with a specific target audience.

    • D02 Challenger Brand New!

      Celebrating the success of disruptive, game-changing work for an aspiring brand that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity to challenge the status quo.

    • D03 Single-market Campaign New!

      Campaigns that aired or ran in a single country / region / market. Entries should describe how the campaign was designed for the specific target market.

    • D04 Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight New!

      Campaigns inspired by a specific audience / community, hinging on identifiable social behaviour or cultural insights.

    • D05 Breakthrough on a Budget New!

      Strategic and creative use of modest budgets and/or resources to create maximum impact.

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The Radio & Audio Lions President's Message

Jose Miguel Sokoloff  President

Global President, Creative Council and Chief Creative Officer UK, MULLENLOWE LONDON

"Before I learnt to read, I was being read stories. I was being told stories, I was told what to do and what not to do, I was listening (mostly). Then I discovered music on the radio – songs I loved, words I’d learn by heart. My imagination ran wild and good stories unfolded like films in my head. All of these lessons and emotions entered my brain in the form of sound.

Radio still holds that power so is worth shining a light on. Good radio can leave us in awe and when done well is probably the most rewarding medium to experience. There is nowhere the lack of an idea can hide but when there’s a great idea, it opens the mind and rewards the listener.

Let’s find the jewels and prepare ourselves to be surprised.

This is going to be fun.

Let’s hear it."

The Radio & Audio Lions Jury

Jose Miguel Sokoloff Jury President

Global President, Creative Council and Chief Creative Officer UK

Jose Miguel Sokoloff is one of the most internationally awarded and respected advertising creatives and peace proponents in the world. Native to Colombia, Jose Miguel's most recognised work for the Colombian Ministry of Defense has propelled him from advertising creative to cultural figure, having spoken and appeared across a variety of widely recognised platforms with mass audiences such as TED Global, NPR's This American Life and WIRED, in addition to the ad industry's most renowned forums such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Jose Miguel's responsibilities as Global President of MullenLowe Group's Creative Council involve leading the networks' top creative talent to continued success for clients' brands in addition to enhancing network integration, collaboration and growth. Under Jose Miguel's creative leadership MullenLowe Group has been named a Cannes Top 10 and Gunn Report Top 10 Global Creative Network, No. 1 Creative Agency by WARC 100, and Unilever's Agency of the Year.
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Dennis May

Chief Creative Officer
DDB Group


Icaro Doria

Chief Creative Officer
Arnold Worldwide
United States


Joe Dy

Chief Creative Officer
McCann Manila


Lyranda Martin Evans

Executive Creative Director, Vice President


Miriam Martínez

Executive Creative Director


Pam Myers

Radio & Audio Producer
Rorschach Radio
United Kingdom


Serginho Rezende

Music Director
Comando S Audio


Tamara O'Neill

Music & Sound Producer
Liquid Studios
New Zealand


Tseliso Rangaka

Executive Creative Director
Ogilvy SA
South Africa


Past winners of the Radio & Audio Lions


2018 · Rothco | Accenture Interactive for The Times/News UK & Ireland


In 1963 nobody got to hear President Kennedy’s hugely important Trade Mart Speech. In 2018, using sound design & audio technology The Times brought his Unsilenced speech to the attention of over 1 billion people.

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