Digital Craft Lions

The Digital Craft Lions celebrate technological artistry.

Entries will need to demonstrate exceptional form and function in a digital context; that is, work with flawless design, masterful execution and outstanding user experience created for all digital environments. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the execution and experience.

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Digital Craft Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Rei Inamoto President

Founding Partner, Inamoto & Co

Named in Creativity Magazine’s annual “Creativity 50” as well as one of “the Top 25 Most Creative People in Advertising” in Forbes Magazine, Rei Inamoto is one of the most influential individuals in the marketing and creative industry today. Until the fall of 2015, Rei served as Chief Creative Officer of AKQA worldwide, responsible for delivering creative solutions for the agency’s clients such as Audi, Google, Nike, Xbox and many others. During his tenure, AKQA grew ten fold, growing to a network of 14 offices across the world. It also became the first agency in history to receive five Agency of the Year accolades from industry publications.

In early 2016, Rei - along with Rem Reynolds - founded Inamoto & Co, a business invention firm that identifies new opportunities and creates best-in-class customer experiences by focusing on strategy, design and incubation. Rei is a frequent speaker at numerous conferences as well as a contributor of publications, making him a thought leader and a prominent voice in the industry. Originally from Tokyo, Rei spent his childhood and teenage years in Japan and Europe. He then moved to the US to complete his university studies with degrees in fine arts and computer science. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Past winners of the Digital Craft Lions

Aeronaut VR

2018 · Isobar/Viacom for William Patrick Corgan


Aeronaut VR is a three-and-a-half-minute room-scale experience designed for Smashing Pumpkins’ William Patrick Corgan’s single, “Aeronaut.” The unique content was not only designed as a fully immersive and participatory VR experience, but a 2D video was filmed within the VR experience using Cinemachine, a new software tool from Unity. The 2D video filmed inside the 3D VR world was imagined by San Francisco artist and filmmaker Danny Bittman using Tilt Brush and Blocks from Google, and brought to life by the joint Viacom and Isobar team.


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