Film Craft Lions

The Film Craft Lions celebrate onscreen artistry.
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Entries will need to demonstrate exceptional filmmaking. That is, work in which technical skill and prowess in production elevates an idea or dramatically enhances its execution. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the execution.

Film Craft Lions Sections

  • A. Film Craft

    • A01 Direction

      The vision and achievement of the direction. The jury will think about the translation of the creative brief through a director’s vision and how well that vision has been achieved. This will include the way that production elements (including casting, set design, sound design and cinematography) have been used to bring that vision to life.

    • A02 Script

      The film’s script, as written. Analysis of the script will include dialogue, voice-overs, scene-setting, movement, actions and expressions. The jury will look at how successfully the script delivers on the creative idea and supports the final execution.

    • A03 Casting

      The vision and achievement of the casting. This category includes the pre-production selection of actors, dancers, singers, models, non-professionals, animals and other talent. The entry process requires you to provide a description of the casting process and any significant information about the cast selected.

    • A04 Production Design / Art Direction

      The aesthetic of the Production Design/Art Direction. This includes set design and location builds, as well as the overall look, feel and atmosphere of the piece. The jury will consider how the narrative has been enhanced by the artful management of the visual components.

    • A05 Cinematography

      The quality and effect of the cinematography. The style, artistic choices, camerawork, cinematic techniques, shot composition, lighting and other effects will be considered.

    • A06 Editing

      The technical and creative success of the edit. All aspects of the film’s edit will be considered, including timing, pace, visual dynamics, dialogue dynamics, sound integration and overall storytelling. The jury will respond to innovation and flair in the editing decisions, and think about the part that the edit has played in the success of the final execution.

    • A07 Use of Original Music

      The impact and success of original music compositions, created specifically for film. The artistic achievement of the track itself will be considered, along with its contribution to the piece as a whole.

    • A08 Use of Licensed / Adapted Music

      The selection of licensed or adapted music within film. The way a track supports the script, creates the necessary atmosphere or otherwise delivers on the creative brief will be considered.

    • A09 Sound Design

      The creative use of sound design within film. Technical excellence in recording, mixing and the synthesis of samples and sound effects will be considered, along with the cohesion of the edit and its impact on the overall piece.

    • A10 Animation

      The use and aesthetic of animation in film. All types of animation, including cel, stop-motion, graphic, silhouette and computer animation in 2D or 3D will be accepted. For films that include both animation and live action, it will be the animation that is judged.

    • A11 Visual Effects

      The creation of film environments and other visual effects. The jury will consider the aesthetic and technical excellence of the effects themselves, along with the success of their integration into real footage.

    • A12 Innovation in Production

      Recognising innovation and advancements in the Production of film. The jury will consider the inventive use of new or existing technology/methods to enhance the final execution. You are required to include a detailed description of the production process, including how the production team utilised these approaches to achieve unprecedented levels of accomplishment in production.

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The Film Craft Lions President's Message

Rebecca Skinner President

Managing Director/Executive Producer, Supreme Films, USA

"Craft, like everything, can be subjective to its audience. Therefore it is essential that we view it through many different lenses and perspectives. Our jury, having a truly global representation with many varied specialties, will do this.

Regardless of one’s interpretation, craft must be seamless. You should never feel the hand that has crafted it, therefore never taking you out of the storytelling or experience.

This definition of craft goes beyond simply an idea, rather elevating it to make you see, feel and hear something. It is a symphony of elements that all work together as one, magically. This is when the work connects with us and truly heightens the original idea.

We are looking forward to viewing some truly inspiring work. The kind of work that drives us to work harder and, frankly, wish we ourselves had made it."

The Film Craft Lions Jury

Rebecca Skinner Jury President

Managing Director/Executive Producer
Superprime Films

Rebecca Skinner is a Founder and Managing Director of Superprime Films. Skinner began her career in production working for RSA Films, before joining HSI Productions. There, she launched HSI’s music video division, Mars Media, and played an essential role in transforming the company into a world-renowned producer of music videos. She has worked with numerous award-winning directors and recording artists including Beyoncé, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Madonna and Pharrell Williams. She played an integral part in David LaChapelle’s transition from photographer to moving image director and was an Executive Producer on his long-form documentary RIZE. Now partnered with Michelle Ross and John Lesher at Superprime, Skinner leads this new venture at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, working with acclaimed directors including Damien Chazelle and Terrence Malick. Her long list of clients includes brands such as Apple, BMW, Chrysler, Facebook, Google, Nike and Pepsi. Most recently, Skinner executive produced a VR project directed by Terrence Malick for Facebook, which debuted at SXSW & Tribeca Film Fest in 2018.
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Christiane Dressler

Founder/Managing Director/Executive Producer


Cristiano Pinheiro

Music Supervisor/Sound Designer/CEO
Punch Audio


Guillaume Marien

CEO & Owner


John McKelvey

Founder, Executive Creative Director
JohnXHannes New York
United States


Karim Bartoletti

Partner/Executive Producer
Indiana Production Company


Katie Keith

First Lady
Rattling Stick
United Kingdom


Micah Walker

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire


Mitsuaki Timo Otsuki



Monika Lenczewska

Director of Photography
Monika Lenczewska


Sandrine Huijgen

Creative Partner
The Netherlands


Past winners of the Film Craft Lions


2018 · Blue Films Madrid for the International Committee of the Red Cross


"Hope" is a global campaign created by the ICRC, focused on attacks on hospitals and healthcare workers, which are a daily occurrence in areas of armed conflict. This spot tells the story of Raya, a girl who indirectly becomes a victim of this type of attack. The aim of this campaign, is to raise awareness about attacks that occur every day in hundreds of places, where the victims are not only healthcare personnel, but also entire civilian populations that die, are maimed, or fall fatally ill after being deprived of doctors and health centres where they otherwise would have sought care.

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