Film Craft Lions

The Film Craft Lions celebrate onscreen artistry.

Entries will need to demonstrate exceptional filmmaking. That is, work in which technical skill and prowess in production elevates an idea or dramatically enhances its execution. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the execution.

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Film Craft Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Rebecca Skinner President

Managing Director/Executive Producer, Superprime Films

Rebecca Skinner is a Founder and Managing Director of Superprime Films. Skinner began her career in production working for RSA Films, before joining HSI Productions. There, she launched HSI’s music video division, Mars Media, and played an essential role in transforming the company into a world-renowned producer of music videos. She has worked with numerous award-winning directors and recording artists including Beyoncé, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Madonna and Pharrell Williams. She played an integral part in David LaChapelle’s transition from photographer to moving image director and was an Executive Producer on his long-form documentary RIZE. Now partnered with Michelle Ross and John Lesher at Superprime, Skinner leads this new venture at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, working with acclaimed directors including Damien Chazelle and Terrence Malick. Her long list of clients includes brands such as Apple, BMW, Chrysler, Facebook, Google, Nike and Pepsi. Most recently, Skinner executive produced a VR project directed by Terrence Malick for Facebook, which debuted at SXSW & Tribeca Film Fest in 2018.

Past winners of the Film Craft Lions


2018 · Blue Films Madrid for the International Committee of the Red Cross


"Hope" is a global campaign created by the ICRC, focused on attacks on hospitals and healthcare workers, which are a daily occurrence in areas of armed conflict. This spot tells the story of Raya, a girl who indirectly becomes a victim of this type of attack. The aim of this campaign, is to raise awareness about attacks that occur every day in hundreds of places, where the victims are not only healthcare personnel, but also entire civilian populations that die, are maimed, or fall fatally ill after being deprived of doctors and health centres where they otherwise would have sought care.


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