Entertainment Lions for Music

The Music Lions celebrate creative musical collaborations and original music content.

Entries will need to demonstrate original production, promotion or distribution of music for brands; work where a recording artist or platform is innovatively leveraged to communicate with consumers. There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Entertainment Lions for Music as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

Entertainment Lions for Music Sections

  • A. Music Content

    Original music content to promote a track, album or artist.

    • A01 Excellence in Music Video

      The jury will consider exceptional examples of original music videos.

    • A02 Excellence in Interactive Music Video

      The jury will consider exceptional examples of original music videos with interactivity at their core, including VR or mixed reality music videos.

    • A03 Brand or Product Integration into Music Content

      Relevant and symbiotic brand integration into music videos or other music content.

  • B. Community

    Initiatives to promote a track, album or artist, created to engage new or existing fans.

    • B01 Music Live Experience

      The design and production of experiences with music at its core. This might include concerts, stunts, installations and activations.

    • B02 Fan Engagement / Community Building

      Strategic initiatives designed to engage, build and/or maintain an artist’s fanbase/community that may result in an enhanced brand affinity. Community activity (passive fans vs active fans), engagement levels and the appropriateness of targeted conversation/ communication directed at active/non-active users will all be considered.

  • C. Innovation in Music

    Creative use of music platforms and technology for a brand or artist. Focus will be placed on the creative application of technology to enrich a brand’s content and its product or service.

    • C01 Use of Music Streaming Platform or Video Hosting Service

      Creative use of music streaming platforms or video hosting service and playlist strategies to promote a brand or an artist.

    • C02 Use of Music Technology or Innovation

      Creation or use of apps, devices, and new technology in the promotion of a brand or an artist.

  • D. Excellence in Music

    Collaboration between a brand and music artists to co-create and develop entertaining and engaging content to further a brand’s reach, increase awareness and drive business.

    • D01 Use of Original Composition

      The impact and success of original music compositions, created specifically for a brand’s use. The artistic achievement of the track itself will be considered as well as its successful use in branded communications.

    • D02 Use of Licensed / Adapted Music

      Placement of a track that has been licensed or adapted by, but not specifically created for, a brand for use in it's communications. The sourcing and suitability of the music for the brand will be considered.

    • D03 Artist as a Brand or Cause Ambassador

      Collaborations between a brand or charity/non-profit organisation and music artists to increase a brand's reach or awareness for a cause. Entries in this category should demonstrate how the brand's spokesperson/ambassador played an integral part in the building of the brand persona.

    • D04 Artist Associated Event or Stunt in Partnership with a Brand or a Cause

      Collaborations between a brand or charity/non-profit organisation and an artist to co-create entertaining and engaging live content to increase a brand's reach and awareness and drive business. Including but not limited to concerts, tours, festivals, sports events, exhibitions, publicity stunts and other brand activations.

    • D05 Production of Exclusive Artist Content in Partnership with a Brand or a Cause

      Collaborations between a brand or charity/non-profit organisation and a music artist to produce exclusive content to increase the brand's reach and awareness.

    • D06 Excellence in Music / Brand Partnership

      Exceptional strategic partnerships between brands and music artists that mutually benefit everyone involved.

    • D07 Brand Endorsement / Partnership for Artist Breakthrough

      Collaborations between a brand and an upcoming artist to raise the artist's profile. Entries will need to demonstrate a progression in the artist's reach and fanbase.

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The Entertainment Lions for Music President's Message

Paulette Long OBE President

Music Consultant/Board Director/Publisher

"This current music industry season is one of disrupting innovations and continuous change. As evolving technology bares its teeth, music industry leaders have had to fight tooth and nail to maintain the value of copyright and secure future income for its many creators.

Despite the constant market share grabbing, company take overs and amalgamations, one thread has remained the same... the power of music to affect and infect those who get caught in its mesmerising snare. The use of music continues to grow exponentially, becoming more and more global with international successes no longer the sole domain of the Western world. It is from this vantage point that the Cannes Entertainment Lions for Music takes a bird’s eye view of the innovating ways in which original music content is weaving its way through brand collaborations, whilst cleverly leveraging artist profiles and evolving media platforms to add its unique cultural spin to everything it touches.

It is a privilege to preside over this year’s Entertainment Lions for Music jury. An appointment that I take very seriously, as we capture and document the essence of music and brands in 2019.

Never has music been so prolific and the sound of music been so loud."

The Entertainment Lions for Music

Paulette Long OBE Jury President

Music Consultant/Board Director/Publisher
Paulette Long
United Kingdom

Paulette Long OBE has worked within the music industry for 35+ years. She began her career in music PR and artist management, before moving on to work for independent publisher Westbury Music. As a director, Paulette worked in all areas of publishing, from licensing/business affairs, to accounts/A&R. Paulette also worked for an independent record label and handled the music accounts for an advertising agency. Former deputy chair of PRS for Music, Paulette currently serves as a board director for The MPA, ambassador and former vice chair of the PRS Foundation and trustee of the PRS Members Fund. A founding member of ADMM, who successfully created the UK Music industry?s first Diversity Charter, Paulette currently sits as co-chair of the UK Music Diversity Task Force and co-chair of the BPI Diversity Committee. In2016, Paulette was added to Music Week?s ?Women In Music Roll Of Honour? and later that year received an OBE for services to the music industry. Former Cannes Lions Jury Member, Paulette more recently received the prestigious BASCA (The Ivors Academy) Gold Badge Award.
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Brian Yessian

Partner, Chief Creative Officer
Yessian Music
United States


Carlos Jean

Head of Music
Ogilvy Spain


Christopher Clark

Director of Music
Leo Burnett Chicago
United States


Daniel Kuypers

SVP, Executive Director of Music
Energy BBDO
United States


Karla Henwood

Executive Creative Producer
Nylon Studios


Laura Nakhla

Head of Synchronisation
Warner Music Asia
Hong Kong


Lucas Duque

Founding Partner & Creative Music Director


Sander Van Maarschalkerweerd

Founder & CEO
Sizzer Amsterdam


Simon Heeger

Composer / Managing Partner
2WEI Music


Past winners of the Entertainment Lions for Music

JAY-Z "Smile"

2018 · Roc Nation for RocNation


Director Miles Jay wanted to tell Gloria’s story, raising her kids in the Marcy Projects in the 1970’s. Gloria’s heart was torn between being a mother and embracing her sexual identity. Ultimately, she made a sacrifice to choose her family over her sexual preference to raise her children. Through this story we realize how Gloria’s struggle with her sexuality inadvertently showed Jay how to go through adversity with a smile.

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