Entertainment Lions for Sport

The Entertainment Lions for Sport celebrate creativity that taps into fan culture and leverages the power of sports and eSports in connecting people to brands. 

The jury will reward excellence in breakthrough creativity within the sports marketing ecosystem. This includes use of effective strategic planning, sponsorship, brand management, media, entertainment and/or talent.

Entertainment Lions for Sport Sections

  • A. Branded Content for Sport

    • A01 Film New!

      Branded films, documentaries or series, with sports at their core that aim to amplify a sports organisation or brand's message.

    • A02 Live Broadcast / Live Streaming New!

      Brand or sponsor integration into live coverage of sport events, including the use of live streaming platforms, where a brand contributes a unique narrative or expertise that clearly enhances the overall quality of the content.

    • A03 Audio Content New!

      Branded sports content created for radio, podcasts or other audio platforms.

    • A04 Digital New!

      Digital and mobile initiatives with sports at their core. Including native advertising, websites, microsites, mobile applications etc.

    • A05 Gaming New!

      eSports, games and gaming initiatives created to communicate a brand, teams or sports organization through the creative production, promotion and distribution of content with sport-related gaming at the core. Includes the use of brand integration within existing gaming platforms.

    • A06 Promotional Content for Publishers & Networks New!

      Original sport related content/programming created to promote a media company, network, broadcaster or publisher. Entries will be judged not just on the content, but how it influenced audience perception, drove engagement, and communicated or evolved the identity of the publisher.

  • B. Sport-led Brand Experience

    • B01 Sports Live Experience New!

      Brand or sponsor integration into live sport or eSport events, shows, stunts and installations that enables a brand to provide message amplification and engage with an audience.

    • B02 360 Integrated Brand Experience New!

      Experiences that successfully carry a brand’s message across multiple platforms / channels, both online and offline. Entries must demonstrate how content featuring a brand’s message, product or service has been seamlessly implemented on various platforms to continue and amplify meaningful consumers’ experience and engagement.

  • C. Fans and Community

    • C01 Fan Engagement New!

      Strategic initiatives designed to engage, build and/or maintain a sports-related fanbase/community that may result in an enhanced fan loyalty. Community activity (passive fans vs active fans), user generated content, engagement levels and the appropriateness of targeted conversation will all be considered.

    • C02 Influencer & Co-creation New!

      Social content / activities created with or by sports influencers for the primary purpose of increasing a brand or organisation's reach or profile within the sports community. This may include but is not limited to collaborations, sponsored content or user-generated content.

    • C03 Social New!

      Social media campaigns designed to engage, build or maintain an online social community.

  • D. Innovation in Sports Entertainment

    • D01 Innovative Use of Tech & Platforms for Sport New!

      Sports entertainment that demonstrates the inventive use of new or existing technology, platforms, media or channels.

    • D02 Innovation in Branded Products for Sport New!

      Promotional sportswear and sports equipment or products created by a brand to enhance the sports experience, comfort, performance, safety of athletes and fans.

  • E. Excellence in Sports Entertainment

    • E01 Excellence in Brand Integration & Sponsorships New!

      Exceptional integration of a brand into existing sports entertainment, such as sports events or sports TV shows and content.

    • E02 Excellence in Brand Storytelling New!

      Sport initiatives / campaigns that demonstrate exceptional brand narratives to drive meaningful fan / consumer engagement across relevant platforms.

    • E03 Excellence in Audience Targeting or Distribution Strategy New!

      Sports campaigns elevated through their use of targeting methods, including insights through data, grassroots initiatives and distribution strategies to engage or develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience or community.

    • E04 Excellence in Partnerships with Sports Talent New!

      This category recognises excellence in strategic partnerships between a brand and a known sports personality, team or sports organization. Entries will be judged on how effective and mutually beneficial the partnership was..

    • E05 Sports for Good New!

      The use of sports in collaboration with a brand, athlete, team, or sports organisation for a social purpose.

    • E06 Diversity & Inclusion in Sport New!

      Sports campaigns that tackle and confront disparities based on sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or other status within a sport or sports-related community.

    • E07 Self-promotion in Sport New!

      Excellence by an athlete or sports team to build and showcase their own brand. This might be related to a series of activities, or any single event, activation, film, broadcast, live streaming or any public statement or appearance.

    • E08 Excellence by Challenger Brand for Sport New!

      This category celebrates the success of disruptive, game-changing work for an aspiring brand that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity to overcome resource restraints and challenge the status quo. Entries should describe the impact of the campaign, tangible business and/or awareness results achieved.

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The Entertainment Lions for Sport Jury

Steve Stoute Jury President

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Stoute is an advertising entrepreneur and music industry innovator. He serves as Founder and CEO of UnitedMasters and Translation. With funding from Alphabet, Andreessen Horowitz, 20th Century Fox and Floodgate, the companies are converging music, technology and storytelling an a way that has never been done before. UnitedMasters is a technology and data-driven artist services company that provides creators tools and maximise their potential while remaining independent from traditional record labels. Translation Agency is a creative agency that connects the world’s most famous brands to culture through sports and entertainment. Prior to founding Translation in 2002, Steve was a music industry executive at Sony Music and Interscope Geffen A&M. He produced albums for Mariah Carey and Nas, led production efforts for Gwen Stefani and Enrique Iglesias, and executive produced the Academy-Award winning 8 Mile film and soundtrack. Steve is the critically-acclaimed author of The Tanning of America, member of the Advertising Hall of Achievement and has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and Executive of the Year by AdAge. He serves as an advisor to SocialWorks, a non-profit founded by Chance the Rapper that supports public schools.
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Alberto Ponte

Global Creative Director
Wieden & Kennedy


Ann Wool

Chief Integration Officer
Ketchum Sports & Entertainment


Ben Hartman

Managing Director
APAC, Octagon


Hidetoshi Maki

Executive Planning Director


Joao Chueiri

Senior Vice President, Marketing
AB Inbev


Mark Osikoya

Associate Vice President, Global Partnerships


Sheri Barros

Global Strategic Director, Sports Alliances, American Cancer Society
Founder, SVB Group


Tove Okunniwa

London Sport
United Kingdom


Tyler Deangelo

Executive Creative Director


Past winners

Nothing Beats a Londoner

2018 · W+K for Nike


Nike is the top-selling sportswear brands among young Londoners. But long-term health of brand relies on retaining the loyalty of its young customer demographic. Research revealed that high-profile marketing campaigns built around athletes were not enough to secure this. "Nike will always be big,” said a kid who attended a focus group, “but it’s so big, we can't see, touch or feel the brand anymore”.Our job was to reconnect Nike with 16-24-year-old Londoners.

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