Creative Data Lions

The Creative Data Lions celebrate the interplay of ideas and information.

Entries in the Creative Data categories must clearly demonstrate how the execution/campaign was enhanced or driven by the creative use, interpretation, analysis or application of data. The creative use of data must sit at the core of the idea and the results/impact must be clear and robust. A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 30% strategy, 30% application, 20% innovation, 20% impact and results

Creative Data Lions Sections

  • A. Creative Data

    • A01 Data-enhanced Creativity

      Creative campaigns elevated through their use of data or data-driven methods, including, but not limited to, personalisation and interactivity. The enhancement should demonstrably improve both the customer experience and the outcome of the campaign.

    • A02 Data-driven Targeting

      The creative use or interpretation of data to deliver effective targeting. Entrants should show how data contributed either to programmatic targeting or provided a key quantitative insight that helped define the target, brand message or channel, allowed for better personalisation or increased a brand’s position in the market.

    • A03 Data-driven Consumer Product

      Physical or digital products created using data and research. Entrants should show how data has contributed to the development of the product and how the product met client business objectives and gained consumer insight through research and sales data as well as including any improvements to the product due to the use of data.

    • A04 Data Storytelling

      Campaigns in which data has contributed to successful brand/consumer stories. Entrants must show how the story was developed through data in order to drive a meaningful consumer engagement or how messages derived from data were presented to provide a powerful brand narrative. Including data journalism.

    • A05 Data Visualisation

      Bespoke visualisations of complex data that communicates information clearly and efficiently to consumers in a way that led to a change in behaviour. Including online dynamic, static, interactive or real-time infographics and offline visualisations such as visual installations and activations.

    • A06 Data Technology

      Including but not limited to, models, tools, platforms, apps and algorithms. Entries must demonstrate how the application or invention of innovative data technology enhanced a creative message. You must clearly illustrate how the data technology improved a campaign, including a breakdown of audience, message, channels and delivery.

    • A07 Use of Real-time Data

      Data created or used in real-time, which provides dynamic content or enables an on-going consumer relationship. Entries must clearly discuss the responsive relationship between real-time data and the creative output, showing how the data improved the consumer experience by making the creative more relevant, timely or personalised.

    • A08 Social Data & Insight

      The creative interpretation of data specifically generated from social media platforms in order to target, engage or develop a relationship with a specific audience or community. Insights gained through the strategic use of social data and associated targeting methods will be considered.

    • A09 Creative Data Collection & Research

      Data-driven research (including market research), data sourcing and/or data aggregation, carried out in order to deliver a stronger campaign or client strategy. Entrants must thoroughly outline how the selected processes, research methodologies, technologies, channels and/or resources influenced the overall outcome.

    • A10 Data Integration

      Entries in this category must clearly demonstrate how different data streams were integrated to provide new insights from planning through to delivery of a creative campaign or client strategy. This may include, but is not limited to, data collection, fusion, technology enabled integration of data from various sources and connecting data streams.

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The Creative Data Lions President's Message

Yasuharu Sasaki President

Head of Digital Creative and Executive Creative Director, Dentsu

"On the other side of our world lies another world, called data. Every single movement of people, things, and information is collected in this other world.
But this world of data is not a crystal ball.
Staring at it won’t tell you a thing.
Feeding AI with more data is pointless without a plan.
However, if we can somehow connect this previously disparate data in new, unexpected, creative, only-human ways, it can sometimes reveal incredible futures.
Let’s travel through this world of data to find that which is yet to be discovered, or others have ignored, or ideas as yet untested.
If you can see through the lens of imagination, data will reveal its diversity, and open up a whole new canvas for creativity."

The Creative Data Lions Jury 

Yasuharu Sasaki Jury President

Head of Digital Creative and Executive Creative Director

Yasuharu (Yasu, to those who know him) is an Executive Creative Director with a background in computer science whose curiosity has always found a way into writing, digital design, and coding. A self-professed ‘Geek,’ he spends time inventing things in the field of next-generation communications.
In 1995 Yasu joined Dentsu, where he accomplished advertising’s greatest feat: staying at the same agency for 24 years. With additional stints at IconNicholson, StrawberryFrog, and Dentsu America, he has worked on clients such as Coca-Cola, Glico, Google, Honda, Kirin Brewery, Shiseido, and UNIQLO. His list of awards includes Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, Spikes, ADFEST, and CLIOs, of which he’s also been a jury member. Currently, Yasu is in charge of leading digital creative teams at Dentsu, developing digital brand experiences and integrated solutions. He also leads innovation teams who are inventing and developing new services, products, and platforms using the latest technologies.
Sometimes, you’ll find Yasu kayaking anywhere from the rivers of Mongolia to the Hudson in New York. Always, however, he seems to be wearing a cool shirt.
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Billy Seabrook

Global Chief Creative Officer


Camilo La Cruz

Chief Strategy Officer
Sparks And Honey


Christina Lu

General Manager, Uni Marketing Centre


David Fletcher

Chief Data Officer
Wavemaker Global
United Kingdom


Felipe Simi

Founder/Head of Creative Data


Hanan Belarbi

Head of Data EMEA
R/GA London


Ilina Scott

Creative Strategist
The Netherlands


Maurice Riley

Head of Data & Analytics - APAC
Digitas Australia


Stacy Kemp

Principal, Marketing & Customer Strategy
Deloitte Digital


Past winners of the Creative Data Lions

JFK Unsilenced

2018 · Rothco | Accenture Interactive for The Times/News UK & Ireland


The Times was seen as a paper with a narrow mindset. This wasn’t actually true.The Times prides itself on having many differing opinions and voices on any particular story.Brief : Help launch the Times ‘Find your voice campaign’ to its readers and potential readers around the world.Objectives : Reposition The Times as a paper that represents many differing voices.

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