Direct Lions

The Direct Lions celebrate targeted and response-driven creativity.

Entries will need to demonstrate how insights and/or data were used as part of the strategy to engage specific target audience groups and develop customer relationships, inspiring action and producing measurable results. A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows:

  • 30% idea
  • 20% strategy
  • 20% execution
  • 30% impact and results

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Direct Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Nicky Bullard President

Chairwoman & Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann

Nicky was the first creative woman to become chair of a UK marketing agency, that being multi award-winning MRM//McCann in London. Creatively recognized across nearly all the major shows, Nicky thinks she’s probably worked across every media and sector - but direct and digital are where her heart lies. She’s been writing professionally for 30 years and despite running a huge operation, she also keeps her hand in writing and ideating as often as she can. She is a fierce champion of the customer and believes insight is all. She is also hugely passionate about effectiveness - it’s only great work if it works. Ask her what makes Direct work direct and she’ll say it needs answer these four questions:

Do you know me or want to know me? (targeting and insight)
Have you made me feels something? (the idea and execution)
Did you ask me to do something? (a clear call to action)
Can you prove I did it? (measurable results)

Nicky says that the campaign of her career is the one we’re all living right now, the campaign for equality. Nicky has been listed as one of this year’s Financial Times HERoes in business.

Past winners of the Direct Lions

Palau Pledge

2018 · Host/Havas for Palau Legacy Project


Palau, a Pacific island-nation, has seen a massive growth in tourist numbers in the past three years.The Palau Legacy Project, a tourism marketing body that works alongside the government, recognised that without action, it would be too late to protect some of the most unique parts of the country, such as the UNESCO World Heritage listed Rock Islands. The challenge was to find a balance between encouraging tourism without compromising the environment.However, the costs of environmentally wasteful, destructive behaviour are difficult to feel on an individual level. Those costs aren't the result of any one person’s careless actions but of aggregate actions, not felt until months/ years afterwards.This makes it difficult for people to understand the value of making an effort towards conservation.The objective: partner with government, the Palau population and the tourist industry to model and promote sustainable attitudes and behaviour among tourists and locals.


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